Andrea Pearman - Headshot

“Our creativity and ideas turn your vision into reality.”

-Andrea M. Pearman, CEO

For more than 30 years, DMS has been serving the marketing needs of an incredibly diverse roster of clients from many different industry sectors. From major hospital corporations, to industrial contractors, to small local businesses, DMS has always been proud to develop custom strategies that enable clients to achieve their goals.

The early roots of the company began with the realization that companies in specialized industries didn’t have many avenues in terms of traditional marketing and advertising. Unlike average businesses that appeal to the general public, these firms needed a way to reach project owners, leaders, and other individuals capable of creating major development decisions.

From this notion, DMS was created to provide underserved industries like construction, manufacturing, maintenance, and others with an opportunity to grow their operations through targeted and customizable marketing. Later, DMS purchased an advertising specialties company to provide a greater range of services to its clients with wearables and other promotional products.

As trends in marketing and media have evolved, DMS’s methods have evolved right alongside them. Today, the company’s portfolio is full of incredible client success stories and many long-lasting positive relationships.